Great Moments in US Soccer Hair #5: Marcelo Balboa

Our latest honoree, Marcelo Balboa, brought more than a proclivity for bicycle kicks to the Nats when he was at his peak. Balboa offered a melding of styles in his heyday. He combined Tony Meola’s high-contrast mullet with a two-pronged, Lalas-style, attack of hairdo and facial hair. Let’s be honest, Balboa would be on this list for his hair or mustache alone. That’s probably the finest mustache that has ever pulled on a US jersey. He rolled up at Italia 90 and showed the Italians the proper way to wear a mullet, and then what does he do? He shows up at USA 94 with the back of his hair a good 12-15 inches longer than before. Amazing!

Did you know? During the 1999 MLS season, Marcelo Balboa was banned from taking any shots on goal that were not overhead kicks.