Great Moments in US Soccer Hair #7: Kasey Keller

One of the first casualties of Friedel’s Law, Kasey Keller is rightfully regarded as one of the greatest players the United States has ever produced. What many people forget is that this man, like all U.S. goalkeepers, once had a full head of hair. And what a head of hair it was.

It’s almost as if Keller knew time was running out and decided that he needed to pack an entire lifetime of hirsute pursuits into his early 20s. The netminder headed over to Europe at an early age and succeeded in pulling off one of the¬†trickier combos around–the bowl-mullet hybrid, known simply as the “bullet” to some. This is hard enough to pull off under normal circumstances, but throw in an already-receding hairline, and what you’ve got is a bona fide miracle of science. I’ve only seen the Bullet pulled off more successfully on one occasion, by a middle aged woman on a bus in Portland (must be some sort of Pacific Northwest connection), but that’s a story for another time…

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