Great Moments in US Soccer Hair #4: Brad Friedel

This entry in our series is basically just to serve as a reminder that Brad Friedel did, in fact, once have hair. Friedel is significant in the history of US Soccer hair because he served as goalkeeper during a time of great transition for the Federation. During his tenure, the USSF’s position on goalkeeper hair followed Friedel’s hairline from hirsute (Tony Meola) to bald (Kasey Keller, et al). Thus US Soccer Federation bylaw 128.3 (aka “Friedel’s Law”) bears Brad’s name. This law states that no keeper for the USA will have more than 50% of their head covered with hair.

We can see the results of Friedel’s Law in the careers of Kasey Keller, Tim Howard, Marcus Hahnemann, and Brad Guzan. Casualties of this law include Troy Perkins, Mark Dodd, and Kevin Hartman.

Did you know? Norwegian-American Espen Baardsen changed his allegiance from USA to Norway upon learning of Friedel’s Law.

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