Great Moments in US Soccer Hair #3: Clint Mathis

More than anything, the World Cup is a showcase for crazy hair. Players from across the globe break out the new dos for the sporting world’s biggest event. Whether it’s Ronaldo in 2002, Beckham at pretty much every tournament he’s played in, or the entire Romanian team in 1998, it always makes for interesting viewing.

The 2002 World Cup was a particularly loaded event in the hair department, and Clint Mathis came prepared with a mohawk. It seemed to come out of nowhere, as we’d never seen any evidence that he was adventurous in the hair department. I know it’s not a novel haircut, and there were a lot of mohicans and faux-hicans at the tournament, but Mathis’ hair holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s just a reminder of the USA’s performance that year, or Mathis’ excellent goal against South Korea. Maybe it’s a symbol of that magical year when Mathis was the best player in the country, seemingly scoring at will. Doesn’t matter. Great haircut. Great performance. Great tournament.

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