Great Moments in US Soccer Hair #2: Alexi Lalas

Former USA defender/rhythm guitarist Alexi Lalas works his way onto our list with his two-pronged attack–flowing ginger mane coupled with a wispy goatee. Lalas would be a candidate with either one, so the combination of the two made him a lock. He’s a natural successor to our first inductee, Tony Meola, because like Meola, he was arguably the most recognizable US player of his era. Everyone knew who Alexi Lalas was.  I had a friend (long red hair and beard) who took a trip to Ecuador in the late 90s, and everywhere he went the locals shouted, “Lalas! Lalas!” Now, I know Alexi was a solid defender and all, but really it comes down to the hair. No one was shouting “Wynalda! Wynalda!” at me when I went to Germany.

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